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"what the documentary does brilliantly is to clearly and concisely show the legal battles at the heart of American democracy" 

Jason Maher, VCinema


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"This film was a gut-wrenching, punch in the face."

James Croxton, The Torch

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"Filmmaker Jon Osaki makes a compelling case for solidarity and engagement in this deeply personal and political film." 

Sierra Lee, Center for Asian American Media

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"Historically, America has taken turns identifying who the unwanted immigrants are in this 1942 it was the Japanese and today it is Muslims and migrants."

Akemi Tamanaha, AsAm News

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"Osaki, takes a new angle in telling the experiences of the World War II incarceration of Japanese Americans and ties what occurred in the 1940s to our current state of the union."

Martha Nakagawa, Nichi Bei Weekly

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“It is becoming increasingly clear that this country will still turn on you in a second if they don’t like the way you look, or where you’re from."

J.K. Yamamoto, Rafu Shimpo

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